“Blue Sky”

2018 Daily Photo Blog

Back to work for me and here comes the possibility of having urges in anxiety or panic attacks again. As I walk going to the office, with my earphones listening to music to somehow calm myself, the music of the band Hale (a Filipino rock band) comes along with their song “Blue Sky”. Well the song really contradicts the weather. The sky is actually gray as you can see on the photo. I eventually relate it to my condition. Blue Sky for me is kind of representation of what I always look forward to everyday where the Sun shines and you can see colors everywhere in full vibrant, so calming and relaxing, but it seems that those gray and thick clouds covers the blue sky that I wanted to. In the lyrics as it plays said that “There will always be a blue sky waiting tomorrow full of hope”. Yes hope is what i hold on to in every gloomy weather that I face. Hoping for a blue sky always.