“Monday RUSH” 8/365

2018 Daily Photo Blog

Today starts again the Typical Monday for every Filipinos. The comeback reality of working days. This morning, I took this photo and I know as an everyday commuter I witness a lot of this and I can reallyย  relate of this kind of situation and it is kind of funny when people are like in this kind of a zombie survival movie while every bus that comes is like their last chance of survival. A typical working Filipino like me spend maximum of 6 hours a DAY on the road plus the 8 hours require working hours plus some overtime 5 to 6 days a week or for others it’s just everyday and really it is exhausting. I remember a saying in one of the street art in Makati (The place where I work) saying “NEVER GET SO BUSY MAKING A LIVING THAT YOU FORGET TO MAKE A LIFE”


“THE USUAL” 4/365

2018 Daily Photo Blog

Same street that I walk everyday. I know I have to be thankful every time that I wake up in the morning and every time that i got home safe. But I just can’t explain what I really just felt on this day. I am very familiar of this kind of situation or feeling that i usually face and I can call it the “usual feeling”. It is just full of emotions and feelings and whatsoever. I do not know I just call it usual because i think it has been usual for me to be in that kind of state, I mean it’s almost everyday. How I wish I can say it all the things in my mind but I think I can’t get the sense and it is not going anywhere anyway. Whenever i knew that I am about to encounter again that “Usual” feeling that I am saying, I can’t help but to cry. I just can’t and just some point of this day I just don’t understand and just feel numb at the same time. Iย  feel that I am alone in the situation. I can’t help to just say “Forgive me for being like this”.

“Old Photographs” 1/365

2018 Daily Photo Blog

Some of our old photographs are getting faded, so i decided to preserve these photos by taking picture of it one by one. Looking at these pictures reminds me of the things that I have for the past years, as well as the things that I don’t have already. I realize that I been through a lot and all of these places and moments are already with me till the end. Photographs are the snapshots and a simple tangible glimpse of these intangible moments. That is why I love taking pictures and keeping it, because things will never be the same again. Anyway Continue to be better folks! Happy New Year.