2018 Daily Photo Blog, Cover Events


It is my first time to experience the celebration of Chinese New Year in the oldest China Town in the world, Binondo Manila. The vibe of festivity and positivity is everywhere in the place and everyone reflects the outlook of prosperity.


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“Monday RUSH”

2018 Daily Photo Blog

Today starts again the Typical Monday for every Filipinos. The comeback reality of working days. This morning, I took this photo and I know as an everyday commuter I witness a lot of this and I can really  relate of this kind of situation and it is kind of funny when people are like in this kind of a zombie survival movie while every bus that comes is like their last chance of survival. A typical working Filipino like me spend maximum of 6 hours a DAY on the road plus the 8 hours require working hours plus some overtime 5 to 6 days a week or for others it’s just everyday and really it is exhausting. I remember a saying in one of the street art in Makati (The place where I work) saying “NEVER GET SO BUSY MAKING A LIVING THAT YOU FORGET TO MAKE A LIFE”


2018 Daily Photo Blog

Same street that I walk everyday. I know I have to be thankful every time that I wake up in the morning and every time that i got home safe. But I just can’t explain what I really just felt on this day. I am very familiar of this kind of situation or feeling that i usually face and I can call it the “usual feeling”. It is just full of emotions and feelings and whatsoever. I do not know I just call it usual because i think it has been usual for me to be in that kind of state, I mean it’s almost everyday. How I wish I can say it all the things in my mind but I think I can’t get the sense and it is not going anywhere anyway. Whenever i knew that I am about to encounter again that “Usual” feeling that I am saying, I can’t help but to cry. I just can’t and just some point of this day I just don’t understand and just feel numb at the same time. I  feel that I am alone in the situation. I can’t help to just say “Forgive me for being like this”.

“Old Photographs”

2018 Daily Photo Blog

Some of our old photographs are getting faded, so i decided to preserve these photos by taking picture of it one by one. Looking at these pictures reminds me of the things that I have for the past years, as well as the things that I don’t have already. I realize that I been through a lot and all of these places and moments are already with me till the end. Photographs are the snapshots and a simple tangible glimpse of these intangible moments. That is why I love taking pictures and keeping it, because things will never be the same again. Anyway Continue to be better folks! Happy New Year.